Sunday, February 13, 2011

DJ TonyHarder - Total Control


**DJ TonyHarder - Total Control**

DJ TonyHarder

T.H Entertainment Group. Inc
Electronic a/Techno:

Started Djing at the age of sixteen years old in 1987 started a mobile DJ service with two friends, did a few party’s few years pass an in 2007 started making my own electronic beats. Because of  I had to start selling music on line. I have Seven Albums on iTunes and e music Amazonmp3 Rhapsody Napster Etc..

Trance beats/Hip-hop Release on 5/14/08

Sn R Entertainment Group:

Techno Trance Release on 10/7/08

T.H Entertainment:

The Next Level Release on 1/29/09

T.H Entertainment:

SHOW NO RESPECT Release 4/22/09

T.H Entertainment group Inc.

TECHNO SOULGER Release 7/3/09

T.H Entertainment group.1

RADIO-TRANCE Release 8/14/09

T.H Entertainment group.

TECHNO DOA Release 12/23/09

T.H Entertainment group.1

Techno Relapse Single Release 7/22/10

T.H Entertainment group.1


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